[mythtv-users] Audio sampling rate not respected?

Marek Musial musial at cs.tu-berlin.de
Wed Jun 29 10:18:38 UTC 2005


I am running MythTV 0.18.1 with Medion 7134 (saa7134) card working fine using 
Hartmut Hackmann's Medion patches to V4L, analog TV, and  snd-hda-intel 
mainboard sound (CMI9880). When choosing "ALSA:spdif" in the frontend 
playback config, mythfrontend complains it cannot open the audio device 
("requested 32000 Hz, got 48000 Hz" in some ALSA open_pcm or similar call). 
Ok, some audio devices are picky about the spdif output rates. Thus, I 
changed the audio sampling rates in ALL my V4L recording profiles to 48000, 
but I still get the very same error (and I even restarted the backend).

This looks to me as if MythTV does not honour the sampling rate settings. Why 
should it open the ALSA playback device at 32k when sampling is set to 48k??? 
Can anybody tell me whether MythTV is or I am wrong here?

BTW, spdif output works sort of fine under MythMusic from CD, using /dev/dsp  
(my AV receiver reports fs=48 kHz, which is why I am saying "sort of"). 

I could follow up with an excerpt from the frontend messages tonight if this 


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