[mythtv-users] Multiple viewers

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jun 29 03:29:24 UTC 2005

Brett Stevens wrote:

>Thanks for the info. However can I ask for some design tips. There will be a
>backend server and 4 clients with a max of 4 very selfish and demanding
>The server will cope with more than that, in fact I think it is probalbly
>able to handle double. The clients Im thinking of via epia m and minimith
>via nfs 100/1000mb wired lan
>I was orriginaly thinking of tuners in the clients as this would allow the
>live tv function but what about recording.
LiveTV will work on any frontend regardless of which backend the tuner 
is on--i.e. the tuner does not have to be local for LiveTV.

>If I allow for, say 2 recorders
>in the server this would allow for 1/2 the users to watch and record at the
>same time this may be a problem. However if recording can be done from one
>of the set top boxes this would be ok.
Yes, you can create combined frontend/backend machines.  You can have as 
many backends as you want (one primary/master and the others are 
slaves).  You can have as many frontends as you want.  Frontends and 
backends are logically separate--even if they exist on the same 
machine--so you get the same result having a separate frontend and 
backend as you get with a combined frontend and backend.

>Now I know that this can be done but
>what happens if someone wants to use this set top whilst a recording is
>underway or what happens to the scheduled recording.
If a tuner is free--regardless of which backend has that tuner, it can 
be used for LiveTV or recordings.  If no tuners are in use and a machine 
is a combined backend/frontend (i.e., it has a local tuner), that tuner 
gets a higher priority than remote tuners (although this can be altered 
with user-specified priorities).  But, if the local tuner is not 
available, a remote one can still be used.

Even if a combined frontend/backend is in the process of recording 
something, the frontend can be used for something unrelated to the 
current recording (i.e. watching a DVD, a video, or a 
previously-recorded program).  I never watch TV while it's being 
recorded (so I can skip commercials and playback at 
faster-than-real-time), and I only have a single combined 
frontend/backend, so it's often recording shows (sometimes multiple) 
while I'm watching a previously-recorded program.

>Can it be automatically
>switched to an idle card, either in the server or a free set top?
Instead of moving the already-in-progress recording, the frontend will 
simply request the services of an idle card.


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