[mythtv-users] Zero length recordings

Tj htpc at treblid.dyndns.org
Wed Jun 29 02:20:28 UTC 2005

James Pattinson wrote:

> Thanks for the response. I made the change you requested, and rebooted 
> the box but the issue is still there. I actually had to reboot for an 
> unrelated reason - it's not my preferred troubleshooting method!
> I've captured the full log where the recording is attempted, and it's 
> about 100 lines so I have put it up here:
> http://web.hisser.org/logs/myth-dvb-1.txt
Can't connect to that machine from my work place, server down?

Also try TS mode, that may help.

FWIW, I have upgraded to kernel 2.6.12, plus the somewhat latest sources 
of mythtv (v0.18.20050523-1), and I havn't have any zero byte recordings 
for close to two weeks now.

But then your problem may not be related to mine as my logs will have a 
"Timeout getting PMT"  message. And the fact I'm using DVB-T.

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