[mythtv-users] Pundit-R / PVR-150/250 - it doesn't fit...

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 23:32:59 UTC 2005

On 6/28/05, Chris Petersen <lists at forevermore.net> wrote:
> Just an fyi, I had little trouble fitting a pvr-150 and air2pc into my
> original pundit.  I doubt the chassis is very different from the -r
> model.  It just took a little fidgeting and prying outward of the
> chassis (no permanent bending/cutting/etc).

I'm running a PVR-350 and a Nova-T in a Pundit-R. The only "modding"
to get things to fit were to snip through the lip at the back of the
case to flatten it so that I could drop the preassembled riser card
assembly back in with the 2 cards in situ. Then I bent the lip back up
and put the case shell back on.

I did some extra modding to make the system a lot quieter and to
improve airflow, but fitting the 2 cards, although tight, was not a


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