[mythtv-users] EPG language confusion

Antti Boman antti.boman at offpiste.fi
Tue Jun 28 20:39:20 UTC 2005

Johan Heikkilä wrote:
> I'm located in Finland and using the latest atrpms mythtv version. I
> have one DVB card and I'm using the EPG. Everything works fine but the
> thing that puzzles me is that sometimes the Program Guide listing is
> in Finnish and sometimes in Swedish. I would like the EPG to stay in
> one language only, or at least be consistent and list programs
> broadcasted in Swedish in Swedish and programs broadcasted in Finnish
> in Finnish.

At least my problem is xmltv grabber related. "tv_grab_dvb" seems to get 
the program info in both Swedish and Finnish, depending on the channel. 
The order seems to be random, and whichever language comes the last 
writes over the title and description.

I solved the problem by (not asking anyone and) making my own PHP script 
that chooses Finnish whenever there's a title or a description in 
Finnish. The script also tries to categorize movies as movies. The scrip 
is in PHP just because I've concentrated less on Perl lately.

In case you're interested, I can send it to you, along with a short 
installation instructions.


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