[mythtv-users] TV Freezes

Jeroen Brosens jeroen at fotoniq.nl
Tue Jun 28 07:02:21 UTC 2005

I reckon that it must have something to do with the 0.18.1+ code, 
because on 0.18 everything ran smoothly. Since I compiled the 0.18.1 
release (from the website) and used it, the playback of recordings 
freezes after a few seconds. Everytime I have to stop it and press play 
once again; only then it plays uninterrupted. What it is that causes the 
problem I don't know, but it is somewhat annoying.

-- Jeroen

Nick schreef:

>On 6/25/05, Sam G. Krupa <sammykrupa at comcast.net> wrote:
>>When in mythfrontend I hit the "Watch TV" thing and the TV plays for
>>about 3 seconds (it looks good), then it freezes (it goes back to the
>>main mythfrontend window soon after)! I am running Fedora Core 3 with
>>a Huappauge 250 and a Nvidia video card (using TV out). Any help?
>>Also, I see something of a colored frame around the screen only when
>>using watch TV. Any way to fix that?
>If you run the frontend from a prompt, does the log ouptut give any
>information? It sounds like a probable NVidia driver issue, but the
>output from the frontend as to why LiveTV aborted should give some
>useful info.
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