[mythtv-users] Core 4 update?

Andrew Palm ajpalm at optushome.com.au
Mon Jun 27 23:17:01 UTC 2005

 > By 'The Howto' I'm assuming you mean Jarod's guide?  If so, you should
 > read the top update to the page:

Yes sorry.

 > Latest News (2005-06-21)
 > I'm starting a new job with Linux Networx next week. Such being the
 > case, I've been rather busy wrapping up with my current job and
 > preparing for the new one (which involves the first two weeks being
 > out of town for some training at company HQ in Utah). Still intending
 > to move this document to Fedora Core 4 as soon as possible though...

The one two weeks before also says his just about ready, wanting for the 
  'real' release.... now a month later, I'm just asking for a ETA on it.

 > I haven't tried this yet, But I recall someone suggesting you download
 > the source for each of the missing components and compile them in your
 > environment for fc4.

Appear to be there already


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