[mythtv-users] help me debug mythweb: was Beer theme (0.18) , now .NL (zoek ?) (latest cvs)

Mudit Wahal mwahal at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 22:50:27 UTC 2005


I'm trying to access mythweb from IOData AVeL Link Player 2. I'm
running myth 0.18 version. When I goto the mythweb, I get the beer
(aka Australia) theme.

I searched on "beer" and found out that its fixed in 0.18.1. I
downloaded the 0.18.1 and also the latest cvs image (about a week back
before it went svn). Now I dont get beer theme, but I do get (*I
think*) , Netherland (.nl). Everything has "zoek" in it. I googled for
zoek and its found only in .nl domain. The first two lines in the
includes/translate.php are

$Languages['Australian'] = array('Australian',      '');     //
Australian is a joke, don't try to detect it
$Languages['Dutch']      = array('Nederlands',      array('nl_NL', 'nl_BE'))

Seems like the translation just moved 1 line down from 0.18 to cvs.

Other websites, such as yahoo.com, google.com, shoutcast.com, etc are
fine when  browse from the AVeL Link Player.

Here is the info from the apache log file. - - [26/Jun/2005:22:16:02 -0700] "GET /mythweb
HTTP/1.0" 301 303 "-" "Syabas/06-35-050430-02-IOD-234-000/02-IOD
(uCOS-II v2.05;NOS;KA9Q; Res1280x720,HiColor; TV Res1280x720;
www.syabas.com mac_addr=00.a0.b0.65.58.a2)" "-"

Please let me know what should I do (what variables to set etc) for
more debugging ?


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