[mythtv-users] Big fonts in 800x600 ?

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Mon Jun 27 19:06:04 UTC 2005

Hello world,

Maybe somebody has idea how to configure GUI in MtyhTV with biggest size
of fonts/widgets ?

When I set up 640x480 in Xconfig - GUI is quit readable on my TV, but I
have a lot of flicker on some screens.

Going to 800x600 gives stable and flicker-free screen, but fonts becomes
to small for reading on TV.

Ideally will be when I will have 800x600 in X and
fonts/wigets/icons/pistures in MythTV GUI with physical sizes like in

How can do that ?

BTW: I already go to "apperance" settings page and set fonts to "big",
but nothing changed in GUI.

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