[mythtv-users] using ratdvd files with mplayer

Ross Campbell ross.campbell at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 17:41:32 UTC 2005

> > i saw a awesome util to compress DVD's. Now is the advantage that it has a
> > small file size with a good quality. What i believe is that you need a
> > plugin to play these files. Does anybody know if this is possible with
> > mplayer or xine.

I looked at ratDVD a few weeks ago -- http://www.ratdvd.tk

I believe a brief synopsis of ratDVD is that it transcodes DVDs *and*
includes DVD menus (and some file/movie metadata?) in a single

> what has this to do with mythtv?

it would be nice to rip some DVDs with menus and not take 4+gb per ISO image.

> anyway ratdvd seems to use some very new (maybe even of their own making) codecs.

They do have their own codec which is windows only, I believe that
DIVX6 intends to provide similar menu functionality, so that's
probably where we'll see Linux support for encoding and playback of
video files with menus and metadata.


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