[mythtv-users] Re: Re: Recording Profiles dont seem to work with a PVR350 mpeg2 encoder chip!?

Robert Krig rkrig at gmx.de
Mon Jun 27 16:43:47 UTC 2005

I'm sorry to say guys, you've missed the plot completely. 

I am NOT saying that "transcode" is enabled. It is off, not selected,
not checked or anything. You simply asked if the option for it was
there, the option is there but it is NOT activated.

Furthermore, I am not questioning the use of the auto-transcode feature,
but you made it sound like the reason why my recordings get RECORDED
(not transcoded) to a resolution of 480x480 was because I did not enable
auto transcode. To which I replied that I dont see the point of
activating auto transcode, since I dont see why that is preventing my
recording profile from doing what its supposed to.

Im am absolutely positive there is NO transcoding active. 

In fact, if I start to watch live tv using the ringbuffer, then open a
console and start mplayer on the ringbuffer file, the size is still

Even if I change the LIVETV profile to 352x288 OR 720x576, IT IS STILL
AT 480x480 when I play it via mplayer. 
Its not being converted or transcoded to that resolution, it is being
recorded at that resolution (480x480).

Furthermore all my recording profiles seem to ignore whatever bitrate I
specify, regardless of the chosen stream type, be it MPEG2-TS, MPEG2-PS,
DVD, DVD-Special1 or DVD-Special2.

Its as if the recording profiles setup is being completely ignored
simply because I have an MPEG2 encoder.

Its not like the hardware is not capable of achieving different
resolutions or bitrates....

Ive tried it several times using other tools. If I use ivtvctl then I
can set it to any bitrate I desire, any resolution I choose and even to
any stream type I want.

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