[mythtv-users] Annoying bug when MythTV starts and DVB-T channel is off air

stan at stanandliz.net stan at stanandliz.net
Mon Jun 27 14:04:09 UTC 2005

Hi all

I was wondering if I should submit this as a bug, but thought I should
consult the list before doing so!

I live in the UK and an using DVB-T cards to watch Freeview.

If the last channel that I watch on mythfronend is say BBC 3, this channel
is saved my mythtv as the channel to tune in to when the card is next

However, when I try to watch TV in the morning, BBC 3 is off air.
Mythfrontend tries to tune to channel 7 (ie BBC 3) and when it fails to do
so, comes back to the initial menu screen. I am now locked out of Live TV
because the card can't tune to BBC 3!

The only way I can force mythtv to change the channel back to say BBC 1,
is to  make a recording on BBC 1 or some other channel that is on air.
When I then start mythtv, the card is tuned to the channel I made the
recording on and I can watch TV.

I reckon that this is a pretty serious bug that can easily render mythtv
unusable to anyone that is not a mythtv administrator - ie my wife!

Does anyone have any comments on how to proceed with getting this fixed?



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