[mythtv-users] RE: 0.18.1 DVB-S Stuttering

Matt Robinson mail at matthewrobinson.net
Mon Jun 27 10:42:28 UTC 2005

Derek Conniffe (derek at rivertower.ie) wrote:
> I downgraded back to 0.17 and the problem has gone away.  So it looks like
> the problem is in MythTV 0.18.1 and not IVTV or LinuxTV.  I'll stay with
> MythTV 0.17 for the moment as it seems to be working fine.
> If anyone else has had this problem I'd be interested to hear from you

I've been getting stuttering too, now you mention it!

I'm running DVB-T using Nebula DigiTV PCI cards. This was only noticed on the
weekend while trying to watch Wimbledon - very obvious and nasty stuttering
while watching tennis balls in motion. The stuttering seems to vary depending
on what is being watched, some channels/programmes "seemed" fine.

I'm running a 2.8GHz P4, 512MB, Nebula, etc. With Gentoo and MythTV 0.18.1-r2.

I've not used my Myth box that much recently due to other problems with the
DVB EPG dieing on me (someone please answer my other posts to this list! ;) ).
But I watched a fair bit on 0.18 when I first installed that and I don't
recall any problems at all. I'm not sure of what changed between 0.18 and
0.18.1(-r2), but I'll have a look when I get time.

FYI, I've been running the same kernel version, with the same DVB driver
throughout my experience, so I'm sure they're OK.

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