[mythtv-users] TurboCache Video Cards

Andy Smith ams515 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 27 05:12:29 UTC 2005

I'm in the process of building up a new HTPC and I'd like to be able to decode 720p content and output through DVI. 3D performance doesn't matter since this won't be used for gaming but I'd like to be sure the video doesn't come out choppy but trying to keep things as cheap as possible. Has anyone had success using the Nvidia 6200 TurboCache cards for this sort of thing?

I'm planning to use the following for the rest of the system:
- MSI 915P Combo-F (i915P Socket 775/800FSB Dual-DDR/2-400/533) -- I want to use the Intel 9xx series chipsets for their HD audio support which is the reason I need a PCI-Express video card.
- Intel CeleronD 335J (2.8GHZ LGA775 533FSB 256K Cache)
- 512 MB DDR-400 RAM

Any other comments on the other hardware would be great too. 

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