[mythtv-users] Mutiple Schedules for Same Show?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Jun 27 01:25:00 UTC 2005

Derek Battams wrote:
> Is it possible to setup multiple schedules for the same show?  Basically, what
> I'm thinking of here is that I'd like to setup two different profiles for, say,
> The Simpsons.  I'd like a schedule for new episodes with a high priority such
> that new episodes are always recorded, but I'd like a separate schedule for
> syndicated episodes with the lowest priority since I can afford to miss a
> recording of an episode I've probably seen a dozen times in favour of a
> different show should a conflict arise.  As I see it, I can only setup one
> schedule that covers any and all episodes of a program.

As Kevin alluded to, this has come up before and specifically
for The Simpsons. You cannot have two rules with the same scope
because all the showings will be controlled by one of the rules
and none by the other. However, you could have a Weekslot rule for 
Sun at 8pm that would take precedence for those showings and an 
All rule to cover all the others.

In this case, the best solution would be to use a custom rule to
match only the new episodes. Go to Custom Record, enter a rule
name like "Simpsons" or whatever. Add "Match an exact title" and
"New episodes only" then edit the title or just cut'n'paste this
into the text box:

program.title = "The Simpsons"
AND program.previouslyshown = 0

Press "Record" and set your options for new episodes. I believe
this rule won't match anything right now as there are no first
run episodes this time of year (tonight's episode is from Feb 20).

Next, lookup The Simpsons in the Program Finder, EPG, Search or
wherever. Create a new rule for anytime on any channel and set
the priority, max episodes and whatever you'd like for the reruns.

--  bjm

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