[mythtv-users] Acceptable Hardware

Daniel Finnie dfinnie at erols.com
Sun Jun 26 22:43:22 UTC 2005

Here is the system, with links to NewEgg and some questions:
Motherboard -  BIOSTAR NF325-A7 Socket 754 NVIDIA nForce3 250 ATX AMD
Motherboard - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp? 
item=N82E16813138247 - No VIA products

Case - Cooler Master Cavalier...doesn't matter

DVD-Rom - generic thing...doesn't matter much, right?  Is it OK if I 
forgo the floppy

HDD - 300GB 7200RPM IDE Western Digital (only $133, otherwise I would get
SATA).  If I end up needing a second hard drive, will MythTV recognize 
it and use it
the same?  IE I don't have to say "put this recording on this hard drive"

RAM - 2x 256mb ddr333 (pc2700) - Can I get away with only 256mb?  If I 
add a
second tuner, should I get more?  It's only 16 bucks a pop, but a penny

CPU - AMD Sempron 2600+ Palermo 333MHz FSB Socket 754.  Will this be OK? 
was the cheapest I could find. - 

PVR - Happauge PVR-350 (non MCE).  Has remote, reciever, outputs (I can use
those, right?), and an FM tuner (can I use that with MythTV easily?  My 
reciever has
an FM tuner any way).

$608 :(  Can I skimp on anything?  I might just get a case later and 
leave it in a
cardboard box.

Misc. Questions:
-I plan on using KnoppMyth to install.  Are there any known problems 
with it and the
hardware above?
-With the PVR-350 has a hardware encoder, right?  Just checking..
-The PVR-350 has 1 coax in (for the incoming cable) and 1 coax out.  I 
plan on using
the S-Video out, so can I use the coax out and dual monitor with a 2nd 
TV?  Can I
use it as a powered cable splitter (so I can record and watch TV 
normally if 2 things
are on at once)?
-If I record using the hardware MPEG2 tuner, can I reencode it into 
MPEG4 when I'm
not watching TV?
-Finally, if I just get basic cable (no need for a cable box), then 
MythTV will still be
able to change the channels, right?

Thank you!!! (By the way, the program looks awesome from the screenshots 
and I
can't wait until I can finally own my very own MythTV..)

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