[mythtv-users] Horizontal lines with NVidia TVout

jonese jonese at zener.com
Sun Jun 26 21:03:19 UTC 2005

Typically, a slow rolling band comes from a 60 Hz (or 50 depending on 
your localation in the world) AC source.  Check for proper ground 
(ground loops will cause this).

# Endaf

Stuart Morgan wrote:

>On Sun 26 June 2005 21:16, Fedor Pikus wrote:
>>I've had my Myth box connected to a CRT and a small Toshiba TV (NVidia
>>composite TV-out), and had excellent picture on both. Now I moved it
>>to my AV system and connected it to a 32" Toshiba TV (CRT), I tried
>>SVideo and Component out, and I always get the same problem: light and
>>dark horizontal lines or bands slowly drifting up the screen, one or
>>two lines at a time. Very visible when picture is dark, very annoying.
>>It is not really specific to Myth: I see these lines on Fedora login
>>screen, on my window manager screen after I log in, and in Myth
>>everywhere. Interlacing options in Myth don't seem to help at all (and
>>of course they would have no effect before Myth starts). The other
>>problem I'm seeing is pretty strong pincussion distortion: left edge
>>of the screen bends inwards. Increasing overscan helps with the
>>distortion, to a degree, but the scrolling lines are unaffected. Any
>Sound to me like interference - particularly magnetic. You haven't just stuck 
>two huge speakers next to the TV have you? Or failing that is there anything 
>with a strong EM field nearby (Microwave, electric motor or spacial anomaly)?

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