[mythtv-users] Mythcommflag multiple process launch (18.1)

Jason Richmond jason.richmond at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 20:35:00 UTC 2005

Hello all - 

I have a problem with Mythcommflag.
Every 5 minutes, a second mythcommflag session is launched on the same

These additional mythcommflag processes continue to launch until one
of the processes actually finishes the commercial flagging.  Then no
new processes are spawned, and the additional ones that were spawned
run to completion.

Only errors in mythbackend.log are:
--QTime::setHMS Invalid time 26:01:00.000
--QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range

I have searched my entire DB looking for a program that references the
26th hour - nothing found.

Anyone have any ideas?


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