[mythtv-users] Horizontal lines with NVidia TVout

Fedor Pikus fpikus at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 20:16:02 UTC 2005

I've had my Myth box connected to a CRT and a small Toshiba TV (NVidia
composite TV-out), and had excellent picture on both. Now I moved it
to my AV system and connected it to a 32" Toshiba TV (CRT), I tried
SVideo and Component out, and I always get the same problem: light and
dark horizontal lines or bands slowly drifting up the screen, one or
two lines at a time. Very visible when picture is dark, very annoying.
It is not really specific to Myth: I see these lines on Fedora login
screen, on my window manager screen after I log in, and in Myth
everywhere. Interlacing options in Myth don't seem to help at all (and
of course they would have no effect before Myth starts). The other
problem I'm seeing is pretty strong pincussion distortion: left edge
of the screen bends inwards. Increasing overscan helps with the
distortion, to a degree, but the scrolling lines are unaffected. Any
Fedor G Pikus (fpikus at gmail.com)

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