[mythtv-users] Recording Profiles dont seem to work with a PVR350 mpeg2 encoder chip!?

Robert Krig rkrig at gmx.de
Sun Jun 26 19:53:45 UTC 2005

Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but it seems as though MythTV just
completely ignores whatever I setup as a recording profile.

I have a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350 by the way. I have setup all profiles
(Live TV, default, Lo quality, Hiquality) with a resolution of 720x576

But when I play a recording back with mplayer, it reports that the
recording actually has a resolution of 480x480. I cant get it do any
other resolution, regardless of what I choose in the profile setup.
Also, video bitrate does not seem to have any effect whatsoever. Every
recording seems to be recorded with 6000kbs no matter what I choose,
regardless of selecting "default, live, lo or high quality". 
The card is capable of doing this, since I have been able to manually
record stuff from video tape at 720x576 resolution and with a bitrate
other than 6000kbps, by setting the options directly via the ivtvctl
commandline utility.

Why does MythTV ignore my settings? Is this intended behaviour, or
something wrong with my config? 

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