[mythtv-users] My Tivo just died. Beyond or Myth?

Todd Bailey toddb at toddbailey.net
Sun Jun 26 15:16:26 UTC 2005

A few more comments* for those who want to give myth tv a try.

1.  If you have 0 to little knowledge of Linux or just a passing curiosity 
in a non windows based media center application and you want 95 plus % 
uptime then you probably want to pass on this.

2.  If you want a pc based pvr/media center pc that is to the primary device 
that is solid, trouble free, easy to install, easier to maintain and 
troubleshoot and item 1 applies I'd also pass.

3. Linux and Myth are picky about what hardware is installed.  Research what 
hardware actually works in this environment Before you purchase.

However, if your interest in myth is for something to explore, expand, 
trouble shoot  while keeping a primary pvr in place then I'd go for it.

While it's one thing to install the os it's quite another to install and 
configure myth (to the point where it actually works).
When it breaks, but how many hours or days of down time is considered 
You'll need to ask yourself how much time can you devote to researching and 
troubleshooting in issue?

* Note: these comments based on a user with 3 years (part time) linux 
experience, and 2 weeks (also part time) research, install and trouble 
shooting time.  Your mileage may vary.
I'm sure for those who have myth installed and working and have used it for 
a period of time have differing opinions.

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> Andrew Close wrote:
>>On 6/24/05, Robert Basil <robertbasil at robertbasil.com> wrote:
>>>3. The ability to record one show while watching another.
>>and this for as many tuners as you have.  you need at least two for this 
> Just wanted to clarify...  With only one tuner, it's possible to record 
> one show while watching a previously-recorded show.  With two tuners, it's 
> possible to record one show while watching LiveTV--or, even better, it's 
> possible to record two shows at the same time while watching one of the 
> currently-recording or previously-recorded programs.
> And, as a corollary, with four tuners, it's possible to record four 
> programs while watching a recording (I've actually done this in a single 
> combined frontend/backend)...
> Mike
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