[mythtv-users] Demux error

Johan Tufberg tufberg at home.se
Sun Jun 26 09:00:14 UTC 2005

Hi all

I'm running mythtv from CVS (checkout 20050525) and it compiles just 
fine. Because I've got a FF card I've enabled "HW Decoding" in myth-setup.

When I run myth now on a encrypted channel. I can see from the backend 
logs that the encryption part gives no error but I can also see this error:

"DVB#0 ERROR - Failed to set demux filter. (22) Invalid argument"

and in my kernel log i see:

"dvb_demux_feed_del: feed not in list (type=0 state=0 pid=ffff)"

shortly after these errors are shown i get the error "Couldn't read data 
from card in 15 seconds ...." and mythbackend stops.

Can the Demux issue be the problem?


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