[mythtv-users] EPIA 10k: Mplayer crash in fullscreen or no picture displayed in a window

Matthew Phillips mythtv at mattp.name
Sun Jun 26 08:03:03 UTC 2005

On 24/06/2005, at 1:58 PM, Brett May wrote:

> So no one is using an EPIA then??
> Michael, Bill, Matthew, Orn, MagicITX, Ivor, anyone out there?

Michael, missed your post earlier. I can report that I'm able to use  
mplayer successfully in FS mode with "-vo xvmc -vc ffmpeg12mc" on my  
M10K. This is the older mplayer pre6 with the patch from the  
Unichrome project - not sure if this is the same one as you're using.  
I saw a post about a patch against mplayer pre7, but failed to track  
it down - it's not been posted at the project site http:// 

This is on FC3, and I don't have anything insightful to suggest for  
Gentoo unfortunately, except maybe that you try mplayer pre6 with the  
"official" patch.

Sorry I can't be much more help,


> Brett May wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I know quite a few people on this list are using EPIA 10k's for  
>> their MythBox and I am wondering if any have mplayer working to  
>> watch videos from MythVideo.
>> I am using Gentoo 2.6.10-r6, Xorg with xvmc, MythTV 0.18, and have  
>> patched Mplayer using the patch and ebuild on EpiaWiki.  When my  
>> command line in MythVideo is:
>>    mplayer -fs -vc xvmc -vo ffmpeg12mc %s
>> mplayer crashes with BadDrawable (happens in both twm and ratpoison).
>> When my command line in MythVideo is:
>>    mplayer -vc xvmc -vo ffmpeg12mc %s
>> there is no picture displayed, stays displaying the MythVideo  
>> screen but mplayer is running and outputting debug information to  
>> the xterm as if it was playing the video.
>> Any help would be appreciated, this is one of the last issues  
>> blocking me putting my Mythbox in its rightfull place in the  
>> lounge room.

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