[mythtv-users] Xorg.conf for EPIA / PAL / 16x9

Matthew Phillips mythtv at mattp.name
Sun Jun 26 07:43:14 UTC 2005

On 25/06/2005, at 1:11 AM, James Pattinson wrote:

> Has anyone got a nice Xorg.conf working for PAL and 16x9 on an Epia  
> board? I'm using minimyth. I have found one at http://linpvr.org/ 
> forum/viewtopic.php?t=352 but it doesn't seem to overscan so I get  
> a black border around everything. Also the colours aren't too good  
> but that may just be me using composite when I've been used to RGB  
> on sky+.

I've attached my xorg.conf in case its useful. This is for a M10000  
EPIA system with S-Video out to a PAL TV. It's based on Terry  
Barnaby's sage advice at http://www.kingcot.eclipse.co.uk/unichrome/ 
unichromeTvOut.html, which I recommend reading anyway since (a) that  
way you'll know the reason for the various settings and (b) you need  
Terry's driver for unscaled video output. This xorg.conf enables  
unscaled video output and overscan that generates an excellent  
picture on my Sony TV.

The config as it stands has two modes: monitor mode for connection to  
PC monitor and TV mode (the one usually in operation). Switch the  
commented lines in the "ServerLayout" section to change. You can have  
both a monitor and TV attached, but I haven't tried that.

The config also has options remote access via VNC using the X11  
xf4vnc driver (http://xf4vnc.sourceforge.net/). I've left these in as  
I find mirroring the screen via VNC to another PC to be the best way  
to admin a dedicated frontend/backend Myth box, so you might want to  
give it a whirl too.



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