[mythtv-users] MythTV week starts on sunday?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Jun 26 01:20:05 UTC 2005

Niklas Brunlid wrote:
> This may be more of a question about linux in general (depends on the  
> answer), but how do I get MythTV to realize that the week starts on  
> monday, not sunday? Also, how does MythTV decide which episodes to 
> record  each week? The first one on every week or does it prefer one 
> week after  the last recorded episode?

Myth does not have a general concept of when weeks start.

> Not a big deal, but I just set my box to record one instance of SNL 
> every  week, and it scheduled them to be recorded on sundays (rerun) and 
> claims  on the saturday timeslot that it will already have been 

There are two weekly options. The normal kWeekslotRecord only
records the title when it appears on that station at the specific
date and time. This is ideal for SNL and is the best example for
this record type. "Record in this timeslot every week" on NBC
at 11:30, Sat with the scheduling option "Record new episodes only"
will get you just the new, live SNL showings.

The other weekly options kFindWeeklyRecord is suited to current
events shows that do not necessarily have descriptive info but
we know that the same episode is rebroadcast several times (VH1's
"Best Week Ever" for example). This is not a good choice for SNL
because the NBC Sat, 11:30pm show is not rebroadcast during the
same week and there are plenty of other SNL showings that are
random other old episodes.

When you create a find daily or weekly, it sets the start time for
the interval as the time of the showing you are editing. If you
chose to find weekly the two most likely things that happened are:

- Tonights show is a rerun from 5/14/2005 hosted by Will Farrell.
If that is in your oldrecroded table, it would be marked "Previously
Recorded" and the find would look for the next SNL title that didn't
have descriptive info or the descriptive info didn't match a previous
recording and find the 1:01am Sun show.

- Less likely but you may have set the find rule on a 1 o'clock
time slot and the 11:30 showing was the last showing for the previous
week where another showing had been recorded.

> recorded. Of  course, it could also be because the guide data for the 
> channel it airs on  has no episodic information, and I set the schedule 
> today _after_  saturdays episode had aired.

In North America, this message was posted well before Saturday
evening so either you are in a different part of the world or you
composed this several days ago. It may have been worth mentioning
what country you are in and what grabber you are using.

Regardless of where you are, need I point out that If you set a
record rule after a show airs, myth will not travel back in time
to record the show (Bill, remember we'll need a trash can).

If you set the rule on a Sunday showing, then the interval starts
and ends at that same time every Sunday. If you are in a place where
they show new shows on Saturday evening then repeat the same episode
again on Sunday then remove you're current rule, go to next Saturday's
show and create a new find weekly rule to start at that Saturday
time slot.


 "Find Weekly -- this will record a title once per week from any of
  the times that appear in the TV listings beginning from the time
  of the showing that was selected when the rule was set. This is
  useful for news, current events or other programs where the same
  episode is shown several times each week but the listings may not
  include descriptive information. This is not a good choice if there
  are different episodes shown during the week."

> As long as it records every show I don't care, just curious... :)

If really mean you every show, set an All record rule and "Don't
match duplicates". If you mean every Saturday night show whether
or not it is a rerun, Set a Weekslot rule and "Don't match
duplicates". If you mean record every episode one time only, set
an All rule with normal duplicate matching. If your listings some-
times do and sometimes don't have description and you don't want
to record all the unidentified episodes, go to Custom Record and
choose "Match an exact title" and "Exclude unidentified episodes"
for your grabber type. Edit the title then Test and Record.

--  bjm

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