[mythtv-users] ASUS Pundit choice

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 22:27:20 UTC 2005

My interim solution yesterday was to use a little bit of that blue
painters tape - used for mashing off windows and such - and put just a
piece over the top of the led. The light is now dimmer and a more
pleseant indigo rather than the laser beam blue. Since it's just
behind the front plastic it's taped to the chassis. I'll see how long
it goes before it dries out and drops down.

- Mark

On 6/25/05, Jeroen Brosens <jeroen at fotoniq.nl> wrote:
>  I remember now that I too found those leds a bit too harsh; therefore I
> took a anti-static dark, see-through pc hardware bag and folded a piece of
> it 8 times or so and taped it in front of those leds. Now the light is dim
> enough to not be totally blinded by it when we're watching tv from the
> couch. So don't throw away those hdd bags folks..!
>  -- Jeroen
>  Mark Knecht schreef: 
>  On 6/24/05, Nick <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com> wrote:
>  On 6/24/05, Jeroen Brosens <jeroen at fotoniq.nl> wrote:
>  For a good image quality: do not use SiS. The chip doesn't support any
> form of vsync control, neither hardware or software; even a
> vga-rgb/scart cable doesn't give optimal results. Therefore, tv-out
> using the bob deinterlacer (the only filter producing fluid motion) goes
> jittering every now and then, which I found to be quite annoying. I have
> the Pundit non-R and placed an AGP nVidia GeForce MX4000 card in it; now
> it's picture perfect. Search a bit for 'sis' and 'bobdeint' in the
> mailing archives and read my posts about it.
> For the rest of the components, the Pundit is an excellent choice. I
> have one standing next to a Philips 16:9 tv; both of them silver and
> blue leds, nice :)
>  I had to disconnect those LEDs ... too bright for me, esp the HDD one!
>  Boy, I agree with that. We hate the power one actually. We're forever
> putting something in front of the unit on the TV to block it. I'm
> looking at placing some sort of putty or something behind the cover
> but in front of the LED. Since the LED doesn't get hot I figure some
> sort of semi-transparent stuff would help.
> I had a new EIDE Seagate drive I got from Newegg die two days ago so I
> went to frys and got a SATA drive yesterday to replace it. I'm
> rebuilding the system now and the HDD light doesn't light when the
> SATA drive is in use. Similar for you?
>  I think either the Pundit-S or the newer Pundit-R will work fine as a
> frontend/backend combo. The only piece of hardware in my Pundit-R that
> is not supported is the ENE multicard reader.
> Nick
>  I like these little machines. My two remaining desktop machines, one
> Linux and the other Windows, use only 1 or 2 PCI cards. If these
> mythfrontend machines work out I may scrap the desktops, steal the
> hardware and just go with a small rack of these things. They're nice
> and reasonably quiet, although I'd like to try out some sort of CPU
> frequency scaling to see if I can get to an idle mode where the fan
> doesn't run when the machine isn't in real use. Either that of maybe
> some sort of suspend mode.
> Take care,
> Mark
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