[mythtv-users] XvMC output not working

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 21:35:30 UTC 2005

I just wanted to let people on the list know what I did today that
finally got my system to the point where I could watch 1080i recordings
without XvMC on my system.

Opengl-vsync was killing the system.  Myth usage was acceptable, but X
usage was 30-50 percent of CPU, which made me consider opengl vsync.

After disabling opengl vsync, xvmc there were still some occasional
issues on 1080i, but nothing on 720p.  Turning off the usage of libmpeg2
for me solved all issues then.  It works fine both either with
kerneldeint or bob turned on or off now, and CPU usage will hover around
70-80 percent for a 1080i recording.  It hovers around 50 percent for
720p.  It hovers around 10-20 percent for SDTV.

I should also notate, I have the ondemand governor enabled on my CPU to
prevent that loud fan from staying on at full power.  When the CPU usage
isn't 100 percent or near, then it downclocks the CPU as low as 1 Ghz
and scales as appropriate when needed.

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