[mythtv-users] Fry my Equipment?

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 17:47:52 UTC 2005

   The fry your monitor issue is more one for old monitors than new
ones but it's good to be careful. You did not list you monitor. what's
necessary is a make & model number or vertical and horizontal refresh

   If you run xorgconfig it will give you a place to set up your
monitor. Most of the time monitors people use are in there and you
jsut choose it, however if you're using something new or unlisted then
you need the numbers above to get the best performance.

   Try running xorgconfig if you haven't already. Look at the back of
your monitor for the exact make ad model number and see if you can
find it.

good luck,

On 6/25/05, Laura Thompson <piecesandbits at speakeasy.net> wrote:
>      I can read until my eyeballs fall out of my head, but I'm not going
> to "get it" until I actually dig in and do it.  Verbage makes more sense
> after a little hands on.  However, I don't want to permenantly damage
> things during this learning process.
>      For instance, I read somewhere that if I don't set my resolution
> correctly in XF86Config-4, I'll fry my TV.  True?  Does it have to be on
> a seperate box, or can I install it all on my desktop PC?
>      Absolutely don't mind messing around while I figure things out
> (hardware, software, setup, etc), just want to make sure I still have my
> equipment when I'm done :)
>      Craveats? Gottchas?
> Thanks for any advise!
> P&B
> My specs:
> Debian Sarge kernel 2.6.6
> Dell Dimension XPS T550
> 512 Ram
> Master HD 80G
> Slave HD 80G - this is where I would like to put mythtv
> Diamond Viper V770D video card
> Audigy 2 sound card
> DVD Decoder Card w/TV Out - hummm....hope this works
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