[mythtv-users] Defrag XFS?

Josh Burks dotnofoolin at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 04:53:19 UTC 2005

On 6/24/05, j2 <spamfilter2 at mupp.net> wrote:
> Not strictly a MythTV question, but is there a util (apart from
> backup/restore) to defrag XFS? My recording partition is getting very
> sluggish after being in use for a while?

XFS has many tools bundled with xfsprogs, such as xfs_info, xfs_check,
and xfs_repair. Read up on the man pages, or do some googling.

This page (http://oss.sgi.com/archives/linux-xfs/2005-01/msg00091.html)
mentions a xfs_fsr (filesystem reorganizer) program. Maybe that might
do the trick.


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