[mythtv-users] My Tivo just died. Beyond or Myth?

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 23:40:38 UTC 2005

On 6/24/05, Robert Basil <robertbasil at robertbasil.com> wrote:
> After three years my beloved 300 hour Tivo just died.
> On the brighter side I've been looking into building my own PVR for a few
> years now and I guess this is the push I needed.
> I have narrowed my choices down to Beyond and Myth.
> I need to keep the cost below $500 for both software and hardware (I already
> have a few large hard drives so I will not have to include those in the cost
> of building my new PVR) I also have a copy of Win200 Pro that I can use as
> well.
> Here is what I require. I'm used to "Tivo Speak" so if I call something by a
> Tivo name please substitute it for the term for your software.
> Most important to me is ease of use and install. I have experience in both
> Windows and Linux but my knowledge is very limited.
> 1. Play pause and record TV on my 55' wide screen (Phillips).

Myth does this :)

> 2. Season pass option to be able to search for and record programs by name /
> date / keyword / new or rerun.

and this...

> 3. The ability to record one show while watching another.

and this for as many tuners as you have.  you need at least two for this option.

> 4. The ability to burn my recorded shows onto a DVD.


> 5. On screen weather.


> 6. On screen RSS feeds.

hmm, not sure about RSS, but it does allow you to aggregate online
news...  someone with more experience will have to answer this one.

> Can your software do the above and be able to come in under $500 for both
> software and hardware?

software is free unless you feel like donating to the cause.  i'm sure
Isaac and the devs would greatly appreciate that. :)
otherwise it depends on the hardware you want to use.  if you have an
old system laying around you may be able to use that.

> If so, any tips on what package to buy and maybe a few hardware selections?
> A pre built system would be great if available.

check eBay or Google for prebuilt systems.  they are out there, but i
doubt you'll find a pre-built for < $500.

if you have an old machine laying around that you want to experiment
with you probably only need to pick up the tv tuner cards.  check the
requirements on the mythtv.org
the Hauppauge PVR-xxx cards are highly recommended.  stick with the
PVR-250 unless you feel like doing some extra tweaking.  they are a
bit over $100 if i recall correctly.

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