[mythtv-users] Exit screen saver using remote control

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 18:48:25 UTC 2005

Nick wrote:

>On 6/24/05, Obie Fayth <bibendum59 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I'm sure this must have come up before, but I couldn't find anything
>>in the archives...
>>     If I leave my frontend paused or on a menu for a while eventually
>>the screen saver comes on.  This is great, but unfortunately I can't
>>exit the screen saver using my remote; I have to use the IR keyboard.
>>I'm using a learning remote with lirc and a serial IR receiver I
>>     I know I could program an unused key on the remote to send a
>>signal to the IR keyboard's receiver, but ideally I'd like to make it
>>so that any keypress on the remote wakes the system up. I had bad luck
>>getting the remote to learn all of the keyboard signals which is why I
>>went with the serial IR receiver. Has anyone come up with a solution
>>to this problem?
>Does irxevent interrupt the screen saver? You could map a button like
>the following (adjust for remote name, button etc):
>prog = irxevent
>button = KP_A_LOWERCASE
>repeat = 3
>config = Key a CurrentWindow
>so that it sends an 'a' to the app. Not sure if this would interrupt
>things though.
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Will this also wake up X from low power mode if its in it?

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