[mythtv-users] any mythtv users have experence with 169time.com

Griffon -- bushibot at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 17:56:34 UTC 2005

I'm reading the bellow description of this sale unit they have and it
sounds like they are pushing their AVX1, but what I'm wondering is
does anyone have any first hand experience getting this product or a
like one from them HD firwire out to work with Mythtv?

DirecTV Toshiba HDTV receiver with firewire 169time output for HDTV
recording already added. Use directly with an AVX1 processor (build
your own or buy the AVX1 here) and a suitable HD firewire connected
recording device (DVHS tape, hard drive, PC) for both OTA and DirecTV
satellite HDTV recording. Includes the IR remote, A/V cable, and user
manual. DirecTV activation is not required to make this purchase, but
is needed to receive satellite HDTV. Receiver features both OTA and
satellite HDTV reception. It has component YPrPb, Composite, and
S-Video outputs for compatibility with most HD and standard monitors,
plus the recordable digital HDTV output. This is a Toshiba model
DST-3000. It is refurbished and like new. It is nearly identical to
the Hughes model E8 or E86, and the Mitsubishi model SRHD5. The unit
operates identical to the stock DST-3000 except that since the 169time
upgrade is already installed, the recordable HDTV signal is sent over
firewire when a HDTV channel is tuned.
169time part number 1R. 

I'd Appreciate any first hand feedback, thanks!

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