[mythtv-users] Hauppauge Help

Josh Wilson joshwilson1 at cableone.net
Fri Jun 24 17:20:58 UTC 2005

I am thinking of getting a Hauppauge PVR card to do the capture and encoding
for my MythTV box.  I have read the mailing list and have determined that I
want to get either a PVR-150 or PVR-250.  I am going to use a separate card
for output to my TV.  My question lies with the difference between the
regular PVR-150 and PVR-250 versus the PVR-150MCE and PVR-250MCE.  I know
that the MCE is designed for M$, but can you also use the MCE cards in a
linux environment?  I like the fact that I can get FM functionality out of
the 250MCE, but don't want to get it if that function will not work. 


Also, what are the main differences between getting a 250 versus a 150?  I
see that I can get 2 PVR-150 cards for the price of a PVR-250.  Would I be
giving up an special features going with the 150s over the 250?  

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