[mythtv-users] TV won't play unless you run mythbackend manually from a console

Michael Jones m_g_j at michaelandholly.com
Fri Jun 24 17:18:42 UTC 2005

Open Terminal


/etc/init.d/mythbackend stop
/etc/init.d/mythbackend start

which mythbackend 


/usr/bin/mythbackend (same as in the script)

I've hunted through the logs and no errors are being generated.

> open a terminal type
> su -
> su terminals suck ;-p
> then try it again.

I figured they were identical...

>> Ok..  We may be getting somewhere?
>> Rebooted so everything was fresh..
>> At a su terminal window (gave me permission errors if I did it as a non su
>> user):
>> /etc/init.d/mythbackend stop
>> /etc/init.d/mythbackend start
>> Closed the terminal window
>> Start the mythfrontend from the pulldown menu in KDE
>> Watch tv..
>> It works.
>> whereis mythbackend returns the same path as listed in the
>> /etc/init.d/mythbackend script.
>> So what does this mean?
> sorry barking up the wrong tree. try
> which mythbackend
> that will tell you the path that mythbackend resides in, it sould be
> something like /usr/local/bin/mythbackend
> I don't use the gui to start and stop services.
> the other thing is if mythbackend is generating an error you might
> have a log if you have not modified the
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