[mythtv-users] Channel Surfing is a Myth

Khanh Tran khanh at slc.edu
Fri Jun 24 14:53:17 UTC 2005

> On a fast machine using a decent filesystem there's not much of a
> delay.  That being said, traditional channel surfing, where one hits
> chan up/down repeatedly is silly on a Myth box since you *know* whats
> on the other channels by using the guide.  Find a show that interests
> you then then change the channel to it, don't change the channel
> looking for a show.
> Then again, I used DirectTV and Tivo for so long that I grew
> acusstomed to the paradigm.

I agree completely, but I still like to actually see something which is
why I really only use the Mythbox as a high-end VCR.  While the
descriptions are OK, often I find that I'll watch something purely based
on what's on the screen that catches my eye.  For example, History
Channel descriptions are great and I'll watch something based on that.
However, some of those other randome music/entertainment channels, like
the digital cable channels just catch my eye and the descriptions aren't


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