[mythtv-users] bigger fonts please

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Fri Jun 24 14:19:40 UTC 2005

On Friday 24 June 2005 06:58 am, Neil Bird wrote:
> Around about 24/06/05 00:08, Isaac Richards typed ...
> > If a theme is not designed for 100dpi, it's broken.
>    So what's the recommended DPI for wide-screen (16:9) TVs?

Get a real widescreen tv, not a fake one? =)

screen #0:
  dimensions:    1280x720 pixels (325x183 millimeters)
  resolution:    100x100 dots per inch

However, for non-square pixels, you should be able to do Wx100 dpi, and it 
_should_ look mostly right, as long as you're using one of the widescreen 


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