[mythtv-users] Trying to understand the architechture

Marc Tousignant drayson at net1plus.com
Fri Jun 24 11:04:05 UTC 2005

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> Again sorry for the nufty questions but Im still trying to understand the
> architecture of Myth
> I was under the understanding that it is distributed and that I could have
> a
> nuber of backend servers and any number of clients.
> What Id like to do is setup 5 settop boxes running mythtv frontend and at
> least one server with 2 tuer/capture cards.
> However there could be 5 different people watching 5 different programs
> either live or timestepped or movies etc.
> In this case do the clients need a capture card or do I just run 5 capture
> cards in the server. If so dosent I/O become a bit of a problem disk
> capacity is not an issue nither is network bandwidth. Im just trying to
> get
> a full picture of the system so I can design one as best as possible.
> My thoughts on the capture cards in each client was prompted, firstly from
> the info on the web site and secondly if the diskless clients are using
> nfs
> to the server wouldnt this improve preformance????
> Id realy like to hear from those that have successfully set up a house
> wide
> multi client multi source setup
> thanks again for everybodies help
> Brett Stevens

You need 1 card per person actively watching TV. The only exception would be
if more than one wanted to watch the same show. They could schedule the show
to record and watch the recording which is being made off of 1 card.

You could put a card in each set top. However, I believe, it would require a
hd in each for pausing live tv. I may be wrong and they could use the
network to save to the remote backend. Either way you would need to have a
local backend configured.


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