[mythtv-users] EPG language confusion

Johan Heikkilä johan.heikkila at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 07:24:12 UTC 2005


I'm located in Finland and using the latest atrpms mythtv version. I
have one DVB card and I'm using the EPG. Everything works fine but the
thing that puzzles me is that sometimes the Program Guide listing is
in Finnish and sometimes in Swedish. I would like the EPG to stay in
one language only, or at least be consistent and list programs
broadcasted in Swedish in Swedish and programs broadcasted in Finnish
in Finnish.

Currently there is no way to find out which language the program is
broadcasted in beacause the EPG has programs listed completely
randomly in both languages. This may be a different problem, though. I'm not 
sure how the standalone DVB boxes work, because I don't have any. I
think you can
choose the language to be shown in the EPG, though.

The mixing of languages in the EPG turns out like this: For instance, 
I'm recording a show broadcasted in Finnish that
sometimes comes once a day, sometimes two episodes. One day the first
episode was listed in Finnish in the EPG and the second episode of the
day in Swedish.

The smaller channels seem to stay in Finnish but the national channels
all have mixed up Finnish and Swedish randomly in the EPG.

I have my Myth set to Swedish language. I even tried changing the
system language from English to Swedish (LANG=sv_FI.UTF-8) but it
didn't matter. X locale is set to Finland Swedish.

The real problem is that I always have to have two schedules to get
every episode of a show recorded. If I mark a show that is listed in Finnish it
won't record the next episode if it is listed in Swedish. So I have to
find episodes listed in both languages and mark them to be recorded.
Then in Recorded Programs the show is listed in two places, under the
Finnish name and under the Swedish name, which is also a bit annoying.

Has anyone experienced this?


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