[mythtv-users] Probably done to death

Adrian Kladnig adrian at froghollow.com.au
Fri Jun 24 06:50:02 UTC 2005

> what sort of capture cards do you suggest?
> what sort of dtv cards for Australia do you suggest for the clients?

I've been using a Hauppauge Nova-T, which whilst it works OK, it is very 
slow to tune to channels, plus is quite expensive - I've since 
discovered I could've  bought a Twinhan or Dvico card for half the 
price. If you do go for a Hauppauge, make sure it has the newer 
connexant chipsets as they are meant to tune faster.

Also, I've had problems getting the remote to work since it doesn't use 
the LIRC stuff, but I think I've now got it sussed.



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