[mythtv-users] Updated LxMSuite Website

Korey Fort k.m.fort at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 05:15:44 UTC 2005

It's written on their website. Inside the FAQ section you'll find the
pricing guide for lxmsuite. It also talks about themes in the FAQ but there
is another section that says something to the effect of a new theme every
month (if I remember correctly). I am cool with everything they say on the
site. They are up front and tell you about the pricing,  30 dollars (US) to
sign up during the 6 month trial period and 15 a month after that (if you
get in during the trial period.). The only thing I see off hand that irks me
is in the FAQ::WHY SHOULD I PAY. section. There is a line that says, "We're
offering you a respected status in a new and vital community." :-)  I'm part
of an old and vital community, hackers. I mean the old school and true
meaning of the word. I belong to the group of people who enjoy taking things
apart, in order to supersede a previous defined limitation and rebuild what
ever it is faster and stronger than before (or just tear it clean the hell
up! lol).

But all in all it doesn't seem like a bad thing, this new fangled lxmsuite.
That is if  you don't enjoy getting your fingers dirty and tinkering with
your own box to learn something new.


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In case you haven't checked out the LxM website lately, they've made some
updates.  Including having a member's login that gives you access to
downloads and a user forum.  There's also news and links.  Mainly
entertainment news, but also a few posts about MythTV.


I'm stll waiting for more content (plug-ins, themes, results of votes for
new functionality, etc...), but at least they're doing something.


Can anyone who's involved with LxM give us an update on what's planned for
the near term?



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