[mythtv-users] Losing connection to mythbackend

Todd Flinders flindet at comcast.net
Fri Jun 24 04:49:46 UTC 2005


I'm having a really frustrating problem with 18.1 on Fedora 3, built from the 
stable atrpms with all the latest stable updates.  My problem's been 
happening for about a month now.

After watching a few recorded shows (sometimes after just one recorded show), 
when I try to delete the recording, my mythfrontend seems to lock up.  
Really, it's just waiting to hear from the backend.  After a long pause, I'll 
finally get an error stating it can't communicate with the backend, wondering 
if the backend is even running.

Using ps -ef the backend seems to still be up.  I look in /var/log/mythtv, but 
I can't find any error messages in the logs.

If I simply restart the mythbackend and mythfrontend, it will work again, for 
a show or few, but then the problem will reoccur.  This can be really 
frustrating when the mythbackend was recording.

If I don't want any recordings, the myth seems to keep working and recording 
as normal.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?  Does anyone have any ideas where I 
might start looking?  Without any errors in the logs, this is a tough one for 
me to troubleshoot.

Thanks for any advice or ideas people may have.

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