[mythtv-users] Playing MPEG2 nuv files under windows

Scott Harris sharris at synthys.com
Fri Jun 24 00:53:54 UTC 2005


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> Subject: [mythtv-users] Playing MPEG2 nuv files under windows
> What do people suggest for playing an MPEG2 nuv file under 
> windows.  The file is recorded in TS mode from a DVB card.
> I find that I can play these using Nero Showtime but not with 
> WMP or VLC.  This is fine for my desktop but my wife wants to 
> watch some stuff on her (work) laptop that has WMP only.  I 
> definitely can't install Showtime on there (because it 
> refuses to install unless the machine contains a suitable 
> CD/DVD burner since it was bundled with my burner).
> The odd thing is that I was able to dump a video stream using 
> the following...
> dvbstream -qam 64 -cr 3_4 -gi 16 -bw 7 -tm 8 -f 191625 -ps -o 
> 513 660 > test.mpg

I wanted to watch at work also and only had WMP.  I made a symlink 
to my /video from my web and did the usual right click to download.
IE changed the file name to mpeg.  I just let it go, thinking I would 
change it back later.  After the file downloaded I just double clicked
on it out of curiosity.  Sure enough WMP opened it up and played just fine.

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