[mythtv-users] bigger fonts please

John Clabaugh bubbaslash at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 20:18:43 UTC 2005

On 6/23/05, Jeroen Brosens <jeroen at fotoniq.nl> wrote:
> OK I will create the MythCenter v2 despite the upcoming themeing engine, but
> such knowledge as you mentioned here is very useful. Where can I find a
> comprehensive documentation about theme creation? I found some things here
> and there, but nothing seems to cover every aspect. In the most hypothetical
> situation I want to put out a theme, an osd and a bootsplash theme to match,
> but I want it to be easily upgradeable against new theme engines and what
> not, so some efficient coding would be nice. BTW, do you know how to
> implement a running clock (like the WM's taskbar one) into a theme? I want
> that too :)
> -- Jeroen
> Donavan Stanley schreef: 
> On 6/23/05, Mark J. Small <msmall at eastlink.ca> wrote:
> It would be really nice if the themes could be written where all of the
> sizes
could be referred to as something like "bigsize, mediumsize,
> smallsize,
tinysize, and hugesize". Then the actual sizes could be changed
> in one
central place, or even obey the setup options.
> They can be, several of them do, however on a 100dpi display they
should all
> be readable fit properly at their default
> size.
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> list
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So, what is the "correct" way of configuring a MythTV box to output to
a 46" 720p widescreen TV?  I'd like to maintain 1:1 pixel mapping, so
running at 800x600 is out of the question.  I'm currently have X
forced to run at 100dpi, but I still see UI artifacts using the
Minimalist-Wide theme (ie. Mythmusic tree graphic doesn't line up with
the text, Watch Recordings list has 2 items hidden behind the
description at the bottom, Various menu item text disappears depending
on what I currently have highlighted).

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