[mythtv-users] System Crashes & Restarts

Ed Hills ed at designersfortheatre.com
Thu Jun 23 19:01:40 UTC 2005

Hello All-
So I had at one point a stable myth tv box with Fedora Core 1 and  Myth
0.14.  Then I upgraded to 0.16 and things started to fall apart with the
new kernel and Fedora Core 2 and Fedora Core 3, Knoppix...
If I go back to a new install of Fedora Core 1 , what kind of challenges
will I face with the apt-repositories and is there a HOW TO still
available to point me to the proper files?  
I am using a PIII 1.0 Celeron with a gig of Ram and a via chipset.
Ed Hills

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