[mythtv-users] plextor m402u. Which linux distribution coldplugs it properly ?

stanley kamithi skamithi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 13:07:09 UTC 2005


bought a plextor m402u for my mythtv setup ? Right now I run Mandriva
LE2005 and it
doesn't coldplug the usb tv tuner properly. I have to hotplug it by
removing the usb connection and plugging it back in...

Who out there has it working properly after a reload, with no user
intervention ?  i.e reload the PC and it loads
all the appropriate drivers and loads the firmware....and what linux
distribution are you using.

I figure certain distributions of linux do a better job then others
when it comes to coldplugging usb devices. I've never used anything
else other then mandrake linux.

many thanks ...

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