[mythtv-users] AutoExpireDefault in settings table

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 12:05:16 UTC 2005

The Question:  Can I add AutoExpireDefault to the settings table in
mythconverge ?

The background:  Comparing two separate MythTV systems' "settings" tables,
the older system built in 2004 has AutoExpireDefault in the database.  

The newer system, built fresh this month, does not have AutoExpireDefault.
This post to the Dev List, may explain why there is a difference between the
two systems' databases:


I used phpMyAdmin to compare the two "settings" tables and discovered
the AutoExpireDefault difference (among other differences, of course).

On the newer system, it is quite annoying to set AutoExpire for each
program to be recorded.  On the older system, AutoExpire is always
set for programs to be recorded.

If it is possible to add AutoExpireDefault to the settings table, WITHOUT
disabling/destroying the database, could it be done with phpMyAdmin,
or from the command line, or some other way ?

Any recommendations would be most welcome.


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