[mythtv-users] bigger fonts please

Egeekial egeekial at comcast.net
Thu Jun 23 06:29:58 UTC 2005

I don't think so. I believe I have tried changing the fonts with 
different themes to no avail.

I am also currently using 100dip fonts, and I can tell that MythCenter 
wasn't quite made for the larger fonts. Most things look fine, though.

Phill Edwards wrote:

>>However... is this *really* the solution?  What about all the font size
>>options in the Myth config?  You can set the point sizes for small, medium,
>>and large fonts.  On my machine, changing those has never done anything and I
>>don't know why.  That's why I eventually used the dpi hack method.
>>>From reading the other messages, it seems that most people try changing the
>>font sizes first, then fall back to changing the dpi when that doesn't work.
>>So... what's wrong?  Why don't the font items in the config menu change
>>anything?  Does it have to do with the environment?  I'm running Myth on a
>>Debian machine using AfterStep as my WM.  Aside from font issues, I haven't
>>had any problems at all.
>I agree. I tried changing the font size in setup and it didn't appear
>to make any difference to anything. I'm using the MythCenter theme if
>that makes any difference. Maybe it's a theme support thang?
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