[mythtv-users] Lirc doesn't work

Oscar Curero Oscar at naiandei.net
Thu Jun 23 01:04:04 UTC 2005

Nick <knowledgejunkie AT gmail DOTcom> wrote:

> Assuming the correct drivers are loaded, it is possible your
> /etc/lircd.conf (or SuSE equivalent) file is either incomplete or
> incorrect for your remote control. irw uses this file in order to tell
> you which keys you are pressing, so if it doesn't understand a
> particular key, it will either give an error or nothing at all.
Using the original lircd.conf from suse, some buttons work even in irw.The
buttons that are in the dmesg output are the ones that doesn't work in irw. The
left,right,down and up buttons from the pvr-350 remote control produce the dmesg
output (where can I assign them a "visible" key?). I though that all RC were
exactly the same and therefore they would use the same config file...

The lircd.conf (very long !!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

begin remote
	name linux-input-layer
	bits 32
	begin codes
		ESC                  0x10001
		1                    0x10002
		2                    0x10003
		3                    0x10004
		4                    0x10005
		5                    0x10006
		6                    0x10007
		7                    0x10008
		8                    0x10009
		9                    0x1000a
		0                    0x1000b
		MINUS                0x1000c
		EQUAL                0x1000d
		BACKSPACE            0x1000e
		TAB                  0x1000f
		Q                    0x10010
		W                    0x10011
		E                    0x10012
		R                    0x10013
		T                    0x10014
		Y                    0x10015
		U                    0x10016
		I                    0x10017
		O                    0x10018
		P                    0x10019
		LEFTBRACE            0x1001a
		RIGHTBRACE           0x1001b
		ENTER                0x1001c
		LEFTCTRL             0x1001d
		A                    0x1001e
		S                    0x1001f
		D                    0x10020
		F                    0x10021
		G                    0x10022
		H                    0x10023
		J                    0x10024
		K                    0x10025
		L                    0x10026
		SEMICOLON            0x10027
		APOSTROPHE           0x10028
		GRAVE                0x10029
		LEFTSHIFT            0x1002a
		BACKSLASH            0x1002b
		Z                    0x1002c
		X                    0x1002d
		C                    0x1002e
		V                    0x1002f
		B                    0x10030
		N                    0x10031
		M                    0x10032
		COMMA                0x10033
		DOT                  0x10034
		SLASH                0x10035
		RIGHTSHIFT           0x10036
		KPASTERISK           0x10037
		LEFTALT              0x10038
		SPACE                0x10039
		CAPSLOCK             0x1003a
		F1                   0x1003b
		F2                   0x1003c
		F3                   0x1003d
		F4                   0x1003e
		F5                   0x1003f
		F6                   0x10040
		F7                   0x10041
		F8                   0x10042
		F9                   0x10043
		F10                  0x10044
		NUMLOCK              0x10045
		SCROLLLOCK           0x10046
		KP7                  0x10047
		KP8                  0x10048
		KP9                  0x10049
		KPMINUS              0x1004a
		KP4                  0x1004b
		KP5                  0x1004c
		KP6                  0x1004d
		KPPLUS               0x1004e
		KP1                  0x1004f
		KP2                  0x10050
		KP3                  0x10051
		KP0                  0x10052
		KPDOT                0x10053
		103RD                0x10054
		F13                  0x10055
		102ND                0x10056
		F11                  0x10057
		F12                  0x10058
		F14                  0x10059
		F15                  0x1005a
		F16                  0x1005b
		F17                  0x1005c
		F18                  0x1005d
		F19                  0x1005e
		F20                  0x1005f
		KPENTER              0x10060
		RIGHTCTRL            0x10061
		KPSLASH              0x10062
		SYSRQ                0x10063
		RIGHTALT             0x10064
		LINEFEED             0x10065
		HOME                 0x10066
		UP                   0x10067
		PAGEUP               0x10068
		LEFT                 0x10069
		RIGHT                0x1006a
		END                  0x1006b
		DOWN                 0x10015
		PAGEDOWN             0x1006d
		INSERT               0x1006e
		DELETE               0x1006f
		MACRO                0x10070
		MUTE                 0x10071
		VOLUMEDOWN           0x10072
		VOLUMEUP             0x10073
		POWER                0x10074
		KPEQUAL              0x10075
		KPPLUSMINUS          0x10076
		PAUSE                0x10077
		F21                  0x10078
		F22                  0x10079
		F23                  0x1007a
		F24                  0x1007b
		KPCOMMA              0x1007c
		LEFTMETA             0x1007d
		RIGHTMETA            0x1007e
		COMPOSE              0x1007f
		STOP                 0x10080
		AGAIN                0x10081
		PROPS                0x10082
		UNDO                 0x10083
		FRONT                0x10084
		COPY                 0x10085
		OPEN                 0x10086
		PASTE                0x10087
		FIND                 0x10088
		CUT                  0x10089
		HELP                 0x1008a
		MENU                 0x1006b
		CALC                 0x1008c
		SETUP                0x1008d
		SLEEP                0x1008e
		WAKEUP               0x1008f
		FILE                 0x10090
		SENDFILE             0x10091
		DELETEFILE           0x10092
		XFER                 0x10093
		PROG1                0x10094
		PROG2                0x10095
		WWW                  0x10096
		MSDOS                0x10097
		COFFEE               0x10098
		DIRECTION            0x10099
		CYCLEWINDOWS         0x1009a
		MAIL                 0x1009b
		BOOKMARKS            0x1009c
		COMPUTER             0x1009d
		BACK                 0x1009e
		FORWARD              0x1009f
		CLOSECD              0x100a0
		EJECTCD              0x100a1
		EJECTCLOSECD         0x100a2
		NEXTSONG             0x100a3
		PLAYPAUSE            0x100a4
		PREVIOUSSONG         0x100a5
		STOPCD               0x100a6
		RECORD               0x100a7
		REWIND               0x100a8
		PHONE                0x100a9
		ISO                  0x100aa
		CONFIG               0x100ab
		HOMEPAGE             0x100ac
		REFRESH              0x100ad
		EXIT                 0x100ae
		MOVE                 0x100af
		EDIT                 0x100b0
		SCROLLUP             0x100b1
		SCROLLDOWN           0x100b2
		KPLEFTPAREN          0x100b3
		KPRIGHTPAREN         0x100b4
		INTL1                0x100b5
		INTL2                0x100b6
		INTL3                0x100b7
		INTL4                0x100b8
		INTL5                0x100b9
		INTL6                0x100ba
		INTL7                0x100bb
		INTL8                0x100bc
		INTL9                0x100bd
		LANG1                0x100be
		LANG2                0x100bf
		LANG3                0x100c0
		LANG4                0x100c1
		LANG5                0x100c2
		LANG6                0x100c3
		LANG7                0x100c4
		LANG8                0x100c5
		LANG9                0x100c6
		PLAYCD               0x100c8
		PAUSECD              0x100c9
		PROG3                0x100ca
		PROG4                0x100cb
		SUSPEND              0x100cd
		CLOSE                0x100ce
		PLAY                 0x100cf
		FASTFORWARD          0x100d0
		BASSBOOST            0x100d1
		PRINT                0x100d2
		HP                   0x100d3
		CAMERA               0x100d4
		SOUND                0x100d5
		QUESTION             0x100d6
		EMAIL                0x100d7
		CHAT                 0x100d8
		SEARCH               0x100d9
		CONNECT              0x100da
		FINANCE              0x100db
		SPORT                0x100dc
		SHOP                 0x100dd
		ALTERASE             0x100de
		CANCEL               0x100df
		BRIGHTNESSDOWN       0x100e0
		BRIGHTNESSUP         0x100e1
		MEDIA                0x100e2
		UNKNOWN              0x100f0
		BTN_MISC             0x10000
		BTN_0                0x10000
		BTN_1                0x10000
		BTN_2                0x10000
		BTN_3                0x10000
		BTN_4                0x10000
		BTN_5                0x10000
		BTN_6                0x10000
		BTN_7                0x10000
		BTN_8                0x10000
		BTN_9                0x10000
		BTN_MOUSE            0x10000
		BTN_LEFT             0x10000
		BTN_RIGHT            0x10000
		BTN_MIDDLE           0x10000
		BTN_SIDE             0x10000
		BTN_EXTRA            0x10000
		BTN_FORWARD          0x10000
		BTN_BACK             0x10000
		BTN_TASK             0x10000
		BTN_JOYSTICK         0x10000
		BTN_TRIGGER          0x10000
		BTN_THUMB            0x10000
		BTN_THUMB2           0x10000
		BTN_TOP              0x10000
		BTN_TOP2             0x10000
		BTN_PINKIE           0x10000
		BTN_BASE             0x10000
		BTN_BASE2            0x10000
		BTN_BASE3            0x10000
		BTN_BASE4            0x10000
		BTN_BASE5            0x10000
		BTN_BASE6            0x10000
		BTN_DEAD             0x10000
		BTN_GAMEPAD          0x10000
		BTN_A                0x10000
		BTN_B                0x10000
		BTN_C                0x10000
		BTN_X                0x10000
		BTN_Y                0x10000
		BTN_Z                0x10000
		BTN_TL               0x10000
		BTN_TR               0x10000
		BTN_TL2              0x10000
		BTN_TR2              0x10000
		BTN_SELECT           0x10000
		BTN_START            0x10000
		BTN_MODE             0x10000
		BTN_THUMBL           0x10000
		BTN_THUMBR           0x10000
		BTN_DIGI             0x10000
		BTN_TOOL_PEN         0x10000
		BTN_TOOL_RUBBER      0x10000
		BTN_TOOL_BRUSH       0x10000
		BTN_TOOL_PENCIL      0x10000
		BTN_TOOL_AIRBRUSH    0x10000
		BTN_TOOL_FINGER      0x10000
		BTN_TOOL_MOUSE       0x10000
		BTN_TOOL_LENS        0x10000
		BTN_TOUCH            0x10000
		BTN_STYLUS           0x10000
		BTN_STYLUS2          0x10000
		BTN_WHEEL            0x10000
		BTN_GEAR_DOWN        0x10000
		BTN_GEAR_UP          0x10000
		OK                   0x10000
		SELECT               0x10000
		GOTO                 0x10000
		CLEAR                0x10000
		POWER2               0x10000
		OPTION               0x10000
		INFO                 0x10000
		TIME                 0x10000
		VENDOR               0x10000
		ARCHIVE              0x10000
		PROGRAM              0x10000
		CHANNEL              0x10000
		FAVORITES            0x10000
		EPG                  0x10000
		PVR                  0x10000
		MHP                  0x10000
		LANGUAGE             0x10000
		TITLE                0x10000
		SUBTITLE             0x10000
		ANGLE                0x10000
		ZOOM                 0x10000
		MODE                 0x10000
		KEYBOARD             0x10000
		SCREEN               0x10000
		PC                   0x10000
		TV                   0x10000
		TV2                  0x10000
		VCR                  0x10000
		VCR2                 0x10000
		SAT                  0x10000
		SAT2                 0x10000
		CD                   0x10000
		TAPE                 0x10000
		RADIO                0x10000
		TUNER                0x10000
		PLAYER               0x10000
		TEXT                 0x10000
		DVD                  0x10000
		AUX                  0x10000
		MP3                  0x10000
		AUDIO                0x10000
		VIDEO                0x10000
		DIRECTORY            0x10000
		LIST                 0x10000
		MEMO                 0x10000
		CALENDAR             0x10000
		RED                  0x10000
		GREEN                0x1008b
		YELLOW               0x10000
		BLUE                 0x10000
		CHANNELUP            0x10000
		CHANNELDOWN          0x10000
		FIRST                0x10000
		LAST                 0x10000
		AB                   0x10000
		NEXT                 0x10000
		RESTART              0x10000
		SLOW                 0x10000
		SHUFFLE              0x10000
		BREAK                0x10000
		PREVIOUS             0x10000
		DIGITS               0x10000
		TEEN                 0x10000
		TWEN                 0x10000
		DEL_EOL              0x10000
		DEL_EOS              0x10000
		INS_LINE             0x10000
		DEL_LINE             0x10000
	end codes
end remote

Linux user: #306877

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