[mythtv-users] ETA for FC4 RPMs?

Brian May brian at unearthed.org
Wed Jun 22 20:44:43 UTC 2005

Jeff volckaert wrote:
> Thanks for replying.  I will try the FC3 RPMs.
> I had Mythtv and FC3 working fine but then had to wipe my server for a
> different reason.  After that wipe the jitter came up.  I don't think
> Mythtv is the issue.  I think it's IVTV.  I have tried about four
> drivers from stable and unstable with varying degrees of success from
> way worse to almost normal.
> I thought I would try FC4 just to get a fresh start.
> I have had Mythtv running for a couple years now without anything but
> minor issues (like xmltv).  It seems like the problems came about
> after the PVR-150 support was added to IVTV (I have a PVR-250).  Just
> a hunch.


	I have something similar...  I had FC3 on a frontend that used the CPU
to decode the mpeg2 videos that my backend with a PVR350 encoded.  With
FC3, playback was very smooth and everything was great with the world.
Over the weekend I upgraded to FC4 and now the playback is choppy.  I
have no clue what the source of the problem is, my machine isn't slow
either, AMD 2800+ with a gig of memory.  I'll have to test to see if DVD
playback is normal or choppy.

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