[mythtv-users] New and Green here. Looking for your suggestions and experience w/MythTV.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jun 22 18:20:02 UTC 2005

Kelly wrote:

>>Third, if possible I'd like the HD out to be both DVI and component if that
>>is possible.
>DVI will not get you 1080i
Should work...  Single-link DVI has a maximum resolution of 
1920x1080 at 60Hz (double the frame rate of 1080p30 and effectively double 
1080i) while a dual-link DVI connection has a maximum resolution of 
2048x1536 at 60Hz/1920x1080 at 85Hz.  (Straight from the horse's mouth at 
http://www.ddwg.org/dvi.html )

Note, also, that HDMI's video connection is--for all practical 
purposes--DVI-D single link.  And, HDMI was designed for ATSC High Def 
signal transfer.

>>If you could suggest the most user friendly hardware to get this project
>>going, I would be very appreciative.
Agreed.  If you just want an easy solution, go TiVo.  If you're doing it 
to learn about Linux, video, audio, MPEG (2 and 4 and perhaps eventually 
7), NTSC, ATSC, ALSA, and much, much more, go MythTV.  Or, if you're 
really lucky, find a friend who wants a MythTV box and wants to learn 
and have him/her build two.  :)


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